• your dog should enjoy training
  • he should already be able to train with the clicker or a comparable marker

Hoopers Basics

Training structure and distance training on the equipment

With this bundle you get training material on the topics ‘aids’, ‘guiding-elements’, as well as training structure and distance training on the obstacles. Lay the foundation for sequence training.

About this bundle

This bundle includes 37 exercises, divided into 19 lessons. In the videos you will see the exercises for each lesson.

Note on training in general

Train the exercises independently and at your own pace – preferably in the given order, since the exercises usually build directly on each other. The small-step structure of the exercises avoids mistakes, while the reward rate increases – automatically improving your dog’s motivation and his continued enjoyment of the training.

Please make sure with all exercises not to overtax your dog. The training should be fun for both of you and the training sessions should not last too long.

Notes on the English version

As a direct translation of the in German written original, the English version uses the German terms for auditory signals. This is only to make the videos and graphics easier to understand.

The direct translations of the terms used are:
›Lauf‹ – ›Go‹, ›Außen‹ – ›Outside‹, ›Rum‹ – ›Around‹, ›Zu-Zu‹ – ›To-To‹, ›Weg‹ – ›Away‹, ›Tunnel‹ – ›Tunnel‹, ›Vor‹ – › Forward‹, ›Kehrt‹ – ›Return‹, ›Spieli‹ – ›Toy‹ (diminutive form).

Basically, each human-dog-team should work with terms that work best individually. Ideally, the auditory signals should be short, clearly distinguishable from each other, and can be repeated frequently in quick succession as needed.

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